Definition of gueuze in English:



mass noun
  • A type of sour, strong, sparkling Belgian beer made by blending new and aged Lambic beers before a secondary fermentation.

    • ‘Lindemans, which originally made only traditional unfiltered gueuze, switched to the filtered version because it is quicker to make.’
    • ‘Cuvee Rene is a blend of lambics of various ages and is destined to be the standard by which gueuze is judged.’
    • ‘For ceviche, stick with witbier, unless you're feeling adventurous, when you can go for Iambic gueuze, with its complex, funky, brightly acidic palate.’
    • ‘There was a gueuze lambic that could marry with mussels or the most aromatic of cheeses, and a fruit lambic that went with dessert.’
    • ‘Gueuze is known to mature beautifully, and stories abound of discovering age-old gueuze lambics that had matured to perfection.’
    • ‘For gueuze, the base lambic is blended to make a distinct, wine-like drink that is traditionally served with the meal.’
    • ‘It's complicated and often creates an unusual sharp and tart flavour, most prominent in the "gueuze" or wheat flavour, which was something new to most of us.’


Flemish: origin uncertain.