Definition of guest star in English:

guest star


  • A well-known actor or other performer who appears in a show in which they do not have a regular role.

    ‘they are joined by a special guest star’
    • ‘She may have had a celebrity guest-star in that lushly stocked storage room.’
    • ‘During his TV appearances at this time, on chat-shows and as a guest star, he tended to undermine this tough guy screen image.’
    • ‘His final performance was as a guest star in an episode last November.’
    • ‘Long-time fans of the show may remember the episode where he appeared as a guest star.’
    • ‘With guest stars of this calibre, you can't go far wrong.’
    • ‘I seem to vaguely recall that he briefly had a deal to be a frequent guest star and to contribute to the scripts of other instalments.’
    • ‘Maybe one of my fabulous guest stars will have something wonderful to say.’
    • ‘There were strong performances from both regulars and guest stars.’
    • ‘I didn't realize just how many famous guest stars were in the show until I took a look around.’
    • ‘She is by far the only recognizable star of this set, yet each show has dozens of regulars and guest stars.’


[no object]
  • (of a well-known actor or other performer) appear in a show in which they do not have a regular role.

    ‘he guest-starred in an episode of the US legal drama’
    • ‘Catherine also has an extensive list of television credits, guest starring in many series.’
    • ‘She guest starred in many episodes of this series.’
    • ‘He guest stars as a pest exterminator.’
    • ‘To my knowledge she is guest starring in neither of these.’
    • ‘He has since guest starred on numerous television programs and pilots.’
    • ‘Keeping him in check is newly regular—after guest starring in Season One—hospital lawyer Stacy Warner.’
    • ‘I am thoroughly impressed by the actor who guest starred as the troll.’
    • ‘This episode has the actress guest starring as his indomitable mother.’
    • ‘If the series is renewed, he would be willing to guest star.’
    • ‘He has guest starred in various variety shows.’