Definition of guessing game in English:

guessing game


  • 1A game in which much of the playing consists of guessing.

    ‘these kids phone in to play guessing games with the hosts’
    • ‘The guild's next meeting will take place on Tuesday night, and the competition is a guessing game.’
    • ‘The 'number guessing game' required you to think of a number between 1 and 100, whereupon the computer would attempt to guess that number.’
    • ‘This guessing game went on for eight more cards.’
    • ‘Universal are games played aloud, such as guessing games, and games played with the body, such as rock-paper-scissors.’
    • ‘The monthly competition was a guessing game, and the winners were Anne, Tess, and Marie.’
    • ‘Categories of play include imitative play and make-believe, finger games, memory and guessing games, chasing and finding games, and games with toys.’
    • ‘The audience was involved in the 'Super Family Contest' and many other guessing games.’
    • ‘The students played a guessing game to try and work out what the sailors were doing.’
    • ‘The June competition is a guessing game.’
    • ‘I'm not very good at guessing games.’
    1. 1.1 A situation involving uncertainty over another's actions or the outcome of something.
      ‘foreign media are engaged in a guessing game over when a military conflict will erupt’
      • ‘Obviously, it is only findings by forensic scientists that can make police investigations anything more than a guessing game.’
      • ‘Investing in early-stage growth stocks can be a bit of guessing game.’
      • ‘Everywhere you turn, you're faced with such problematic omissions that the book becomes a guessing game.’
      • ‘Until he announces his nominee to the high court, the guessing game continues.’
      • ‘Even now, the guessing game continues about the identity of Deep Throat.’
      • ‘The president is set to make the announcement in a prime-time address ending a nationwide guessing game.’
      • ‘Who makes the next move is turning into something of a guessing game, sources said.’
      • ‘It can give you an added edge by shifting the approach from a guessing game to a more precise science.’
      • ‘The people must be well informed to make constructive criticism, rather than embark on a guessing game.’
      • ‘It then became almost a guessing game over which shares were up for sale.’