Definition of guerrilla war in English:

guerrilla war


  • A war in which small groups of soldiers not belonging to regular or established army units engage in fighting against typically larger regular forces.

    ‘they found themselves getting bogged down in a guerrilla war against rural rebels’
    mass noun ‘two decades of guerrilla war’
    • ‘What they found themselves in was a guerrilla war.’
    • ‘Atrocities occurred on both sides in the guerrilla war.’
    • ‘These sacred writings speak of the general who waged a relentless guerrilla war.’
    • ‘Running in circles won't improve the economy, clean the environment, or affect the guerrilla wars in any way.’
    • ‘The initial phase of the conflict was primarily a guerrilla war, which resulted in a stalemate between the combatants.’
    • ‘For years they waged guerrilla war against the royalist government.’
    • ‘He plays a reporter who is trying to do a story about a guerrilla war in North Africa.’
    • ‘They continued to wage a guerrilla war against successive governments.’
    • ‘In many senses, computer security already resembles a guerrilla war.’
    • ‘Wild tribes living north of Hadrian's Wall carried on a guerrilla war against the Romans.’