Definition of guayabera in English:



  • A lightweight open-necked Cuban or Mexican shirt with two breast pockets and two pockets over the hips, typically having short sleeves and worn untucked.

    • ‘Men generally wear trousers and sport shirts or guayaberas - dress shirts with decorative tucks worn outside the belt in place of a jacket.’
    • ‘I've got the perfect shirt: a tattered, tan guayabera that was probably being worn by someone at a racetrack somewhere or other at some point in the '50s.’
    • ‘The guayabera, an embroidered man's shirt, is a traditional and elegant article of clothing that is still worn today for both formal and informal occasions.’
    • ‘Men's shirts also take a multicultural spin with the guayabera, also known as a Latin bowling shirt, which is cut in a standard silhouette but features small vertical pleats and understated embroidery down the front.’
    • ‘But Raúl was already dressed up in a pale blue guayabera, saying how it was a beautiful day and to smell the air.’
    • ‘Men often wear a loose-fitting shirt called a guayabera, similar to other countries in the region and in Latin America.’
    • ‘Even businessmen will often wear sport shirts, or leave off their jackets in hot weather in favor of the guayabera - a long cotton shirt.’
    • ‘Hector was resting under the shade of a tree while the two old men sat across from him playing dominoes in matching guayaberas emblazoned with Mickey Mouse.’
    • ‘One of the relatives is a dark-skinned Chicano-looking male named Jesus with a goatee, dark sunglasses, a ponytail and a guayabera.’


1970s: Cuban Spanish, apparently originally from the name of the Yayabo river, influenced by Spanish guayaba ‘guava’.