Definition of guardroom in English:



  • A room in a military base used to accommodate a guard or detain prisoners.

    • ‘The sight that awaited him in the torchlight of the guardroom to their level was not entirely unexpected.’
    • ‘The entrance was right in front of him and the guardroom was empty.’
    • ‘Having explained this they went back into their guardroom and trusted me to go back out the gates.’
    • ‘The gun, until last year, had sat for over 34 years in front of the guardroom with little or no maintenance.’
    • ‘Passages at the back and sides would lead to other areas, such as the kitchens, guardroom, or servants' quarters.’
    • ‘He went apoplectic and I suddenly found myself marched off to the guardroom almost at running pace.’
    • ‘One young sentry who felt that the ghost was near him panicked and ran to the guardroom for protection.’
    • ‘After seeing Joe left, Mel came out from the guardroom.’
    • ‘Music started blaring from a loudspeaker outside the guardroom - very loud.’
    • ‘The northern tower, originally a guardroom, is still visible.’
    • ‘They laid down their arms, explained their position to their non-commissioned officer, and presented themselves at the guardroom to be taken into custody.’
    • ‘A man accompanies him into a guardroom, where an officer is presiding over some registers.’
    • ‘‘The nearest place was the RAF base, so I went over to the main gate and asked the people at the guardroom to help me,’ she said.’
    • ‘If he'd mentioned anybody else's name down there in the guardroom, do you think they would have put him up for the death vote?’
    • ‘You'd better take that to the guardroom, then.’
    • ‘In one of the guardrooms at the base a poster showing the World Trade Center asks ‘Are you in a New York state of mind?’’
    • ‘Their sovereignty, of course, won't much extend beyond the guardroom at the end of the corridor.’
    • ‘As she suspected, the guards were posted outdoors, outside the door of the guardroom.’
    • ‘In barracks sentries are usually furnished by the unit's guard, a detachment of soldiers on duty for a 24-hour period, who live in the guardroom or guardhouse.’
    • ‘Even the low two-storey army buildings seemed to smile a delayed welcome, as a gate was unbarred and I went through an elaborate signing-in ceremony in the guardroom.’