Definition of guard hair in English:

guard hair


mass noun
  • Long, coarse hair forming an animal's outer fur.

    • ‘River otters fully shed and replaced under fur from May through August and shed and replace guard hair from August to November (Ben-David et al., 2000; Ben-David M, personal observation), allowing for an assessment of seasonal diets.’
    • ‘Both the length of guard hair and the genetic pattern made the determination certain.’
    • ‘Cashmere is the fine, downy wool that grows beneath the coarse outer layer of hair, called the guard hair, of the cashmere goat.’
    • ‘Incorporated into this mass was a considerable amount of grass and animal hair, including a lone crimped guard hair of a deer or elk.’
    • ‘The fur is composed of short, soft underfur covered by shiny guard hair.’
    • ‘Perry Sumner, a biologist with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, said it's likely a red fox with a rare genetic condition known as Sampson, an abnormality in which the animal lacks a layer of fur called guard hair.’