Definition of guard cell in English:

guard cell


  • Each of a pair of curved cells that surround a stoma, becoming larger or smaller according to the pressure within the cells.

    • ‘The best documented system so far is the stomatal guard cell where two anion channels from the plasma membrane have been extensively characterized.’
    • ‘This will reduce the apoplastic pH and allow the uptake of K + and other ions into the guard cells so that, when aquaporins are opened, water will flow into the guard cell to initiate stomatal opening.’
    • ‘Major questions therefore remain unanswered on how water stress signals perceived at root and leaf locations are integrated at the guard cell to control stomatal behaviour.’
    • ‘The inner anticlinal wall of the guard cell is the ventral wall.’
    • ‘Of the various cell types that have been used to study stimulus-induced oscillations in [Ca 2 +] cyt, the guard cell has emerged as the most intensively used system.’