Definition of guarantee fund in English:

guarantee fund


  • A sum of money pledged as a contingent indemnity for loss.

    • ‘Sixty-eight per cent of Bulgaria's commercial banks back the idea of the establishment of a guarantee fund to spread the risk of lending to small and medium-sized enterprises in the country, revealed the report.’
    • ‘However, on both the exchanges, the settlement guarantee funds were not eroded, standing testimony to the strength of risk management systems in place.’
    • ‘Currently, the guarantee fund disposes of 244.2 million leva.’
    • ‘This has given new life to the concept of the ‘narrow bank’: in return for confining its funds to high-quality, marketable assets, only the narrow bank would be permitted access to the payments system and to the deposit guarantee fund.’
    • ‘According to unofficial information, quoted by the local press, the offered price has been around $55 million with an escrow account and additional guarantee funds reaching up to 25 per cent of the purchase price.’
    • ‘Of this amount, 20 million leva will be allotted as starting capital of a microcredit guarantee fund.’
    • ‘Within a few months the guarantee fund had grown to 123,000 [pounds sterling] and more money was on the way.’
    • ‘A guarantee fund with a starting capital of 20 million leva allocated from the 2002 budget will partially or completely cover the collateral of credits extended to socially disadvantaged people.’
    • ‘The Minister might be able to say that the levy will not alter the cost of buying a motor car on the lot, but that is only because the levy will be offset by what the car dealer used to have to pay into the fidelity guarantee fund.’
    • ‘He stressed the urgency of some changes in the size of guarantee funds, export subsidies and insurance.’
    • ‘By the end of the year, a guarantee fund for microcredits will be launched to promote small and medium-sized enterprises.’
    • ‘A special guarantee fund of 20 million leva would be created to serve this task, he promised.’
    • ‘The legislature's Standing Committee passed the law, which also requires the government to guarantee funds for infectious disease prevention, during a weekend meeting.’
    • ‘As for the issue of reviewing the amount of guarantee funds required by tour operators, the decision rests with the Association of Thai Travel Agents.’
    • ‘Parliament also approved the establishment of a guarantee fund for protection of investors in securities that will secure 90 per cent of the investment volume, but for sums that do not exceed 40 000 leva.’
    • ‘A guarantee fund amounting to 50 million leva for small and medium enterprises should be established to secure investment credits, the chamber of entrepreneurs suggested.’
    • ‘There was to be a common agricultural policy, which would require one or more agricultural guidance and guarantee funds to be set up, a European Social Fund, and a European Investment Bank.’
    • ‘And this, combined with the lack of mortgage and guarantee funds, practically renders the programme meaningless.’
    • ‘The second tier would be undertaken by a government guarantee fund and the third tier would be undertaken by foreign reinsurance companies.’
    • ‘The money will go towards supporting credit unions or other community banking initiatives, establishing loan guarantee funds or otherwise tackling specific problems in hard-hit areas.’