Definition of guanaco in English:


nounPlural guanacos

  • A wild Andean mammal similar to the domestic llama, which is probably derived from it. It has a valuable pale brown pelt.

    Lama guanicoe, family Camelidae

    • ‘Llamas come from a family of four-footed animals called camelids, which also include alpacas, vicuñas, and guanacos.’
    • ‘The other group migrated into South America, where it survives today as wild guanacos and vicunas and domesticated llamas and alpacas.’
    • ‘Both the llama and the alpaca are domesticated forms long believed to be descended from the guanaco, a wild camelid.’
    • ‘Aside from bovines, which are involved in 90 percent of these events, horses, pigs, sheep, guanacos and wild boars have also been mutilated.’
    • ‘Llamas and alpacas, sometimes considered to be the same species, may both have been derived from the guanaco through a thousand years or more of domestication.’


Early 17th century: via Spanish from Quechua huanacu.