Definition of grunter in English:



  • A fish that makes a grunting noise, especially when caught.

    another term for grunt (sense 4 of the noun)

    a mainly marine fish of warm waters (family Theraponidae: several genera).

    • ‘The result was a 3kg grunter for their fry and a fish eagle having to look further afield for its meal.’
    • ‘In the sometimes-translucent streams beneath us, we can see bream, catfish and grunters as well as pig-nosed turtles, thought, until recently, only to exist in Papua New Guinea.’
    • ‘I have it on good authority that spotted grunters are coming on the bite in all our local estuaries right now.’
    • ‘And then there were the dead fish, mostly grunter, leervis and silvies, I believe, caused apparently by a sudden drop in salinity as the whirlpools mixed fresh water with salty.’
    • ‘Fish species such as galjoen, white steenbras and spotted grunter that feed within the intertidal zone cannot survive where the beach has been denuded.’
    hog, boar, sow, porker, swine, piglet
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