Definition of grumbling in English:



usually grumblings
  • A complaint or protest.

    ‘there were grumblings from the trustees’
    • ‘Starved of ale there were grumblings of mutiny from the crew but we had to make do with a few beers and some boxed wine before collapsing into our bunks.’
    • ‘If this is true now, failure to win a third successive title could see the grumblings of Celtic fans over his apparent unwillingness to commit to a job turning into outright hostility.’
    • ‘My personal disillusion was echoed back in grey London where I read numerous grumblings about the Riviera.’
    • ‘Despite the grumblings of everyone's stomachs, several minutes were then spent in effusive praise for the number of dishes.’
    • ‘Despite the grumblings of some, they are unlikely to depart with their manager who yesterday seemed heavily laboured by his current predicament.’
    • ‘This intention has caused some doubts and grumblings.’
    • ‘Even so, diplomats said there were some grumblings in Damascus that the government was not doing enough.’
    • ‘As she watched her lead gradually whittled away on election night, she could hear the first grumblings of discontent among the party faithful.’
    • ‘He also knows what every good friend knows: if you expect perfection from people, your whole life will be a series of disappointments, grumblings, and complaints.’
    • ‘With hushed mutterings and grumblings they all trooped down to the stables.’
    • ‘But the grumblings since share prices tumbled to a record low earlier this year have been hard to ignore and a series of special offers is now in the pipeline.’
    • ‘The grumblings, however, may be less an indication of an impending military revolt than the last feeble lashing out of those weaned on the old ways.’
    • ‘This year, as the two crews pulled their way through the south - west London streets and passed a variety of now-familiar landmarks, there were grumblings even among the faithful.’
    • ‘There's a deal of internal rumblings and grumblings left, and not a few creaks and cracks but, all in all, progress is a lot better than the alternative.’
    • ‘Of course, there have been growing grumblings of discontent but they have largely been saved for the final whistle.’
    • ‘But because I'd heard lots of grumblings from people fretting about what a mess check-out would be, I decided I'd get up extra early and catch an earlier shuttle if I could.’
    • ‘I just want to shake them all - hard - and tell them to look up from their miserable grumblings and see how lucky they are.’
    • ‘Often it feels as if their constant, innocuous grumblings are just a set-up for a legitimate complaint that never comes.’
    • ‘There were rumblings and grumblings at special meetings called by the church council in a vain bid to restore peace.’
    • ‘A few are in London, but there are grumblings about buying houses and relocating to places like Costa Rica or Bulgaria.’
    complaint, criticism, objection, protestation, cavil, quibble, grievance, grumble, moan, carping
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