Definition of gruesomeness in English:



  • See gruesome

    • ‘But I think there was a sense that the execution as it unfolded, the actual beheading, reached a level of violence and gruesomeness that was not appropriate to put in the paper.’
    • ‘One pleasant surprise, given the gruesomeness of the murders, is that the first two-thirds of the novel are relatively non-violent.’
    • ‘It's an ambitious project and I feel bad for rating it so poorly, but it's rather pretentious and just doesn't offer enough gruesomeness for the particularly bloodthirsty.’
    • ‘You will witness scenes of unbridled gore and gruesomeness.’
    • ‘And probably the biggest challenge of the Fulton D.A. is going to be to try to solve that mystery swiftly for the jury and make sure that no one forgets about the gruesomeness of the crime.’