Definition of gruesomely in English:



  • See gruesome

    • ‘Also, the wine list was gruesomely overpriced.’
    • ‘In 1906, six years before Greyfriars Bobby was written, the novelist Upton Sinclair had published The Jungle, his gruesomely frank depiction of Chicago's meat-packing industry.’
    • ‘And while there are demonstrations of expertise with the sword, it is the precision of the fighter and how economical and speedy his movements are, rather than how many people he kills or how gruesomely that matters.’
    • ‘It turns out to be as gruesomely entertaining as other respectable action films.’
    • ‘While there, he experiences a multitude of psychedelic wonders and witnesses, one by one, his incorrigibly bratty fellow winners dispatched in gruesomely appropriate ways.’