Definition of grub screw in English:

grub screw


  • A small headless screw, used typically to attach a handle or cam to a spindle.

    • ‘Fortunately, it's easy to loosen the grub screw and remove the hand wheel - something you'll need to do if you want to use the tailstock ram anyway.’
    • ‘Although grub screws are made with both Allen and Slotted type head styles, the Allen type is recommended for model car use due to the weakness of the slotted type.’
    • ‘I screwed the nut back onto the lead screw and adjusted it to a snug but not too tight fit and also made sure that the grub screws were not protruding from the underside.’
    • ‘Similarly, there seems to be no way of adjusting the reel to cope with wear on the spindle end-bearing: on other plain bearing reels a small grub screw on the front of the spool is used to adjust the reel.’
    • ‘This is preferably done by having the grub screw be brittle, and/or possess a rated breaking point.’
    • ‘A large selection of hex grub screws are available from our wide-ranging stock.’
    • ‘You might need to sharpen the point on the grub screw as well.’
    • ‘A grub screw from the rear drive shaft collar worked its way out, and even though I got a replacement from my local hobby shop, it still hangs loose, so I suspect something is loose inside.’
    • ‘Thread the supplied nuts onto the ends of the grub screws and tighten - this is to prevent the grub screws working loose.’
    • ‘The two grub screws at the bottom of the casing are made of steel, whereas the casing is aluminium.’
    • ‘Otherwise you may run into a problems with a grub screw backing out.’
    • ‘Keep adjusting the grub screws from each side until correct then tighten the locking nuts.’
    • ‘For general use it is fine, but the bottom threads can deform when the grub screw is tightened which can make disassembly difficult.’
    • ‘I used a rounded punch located in the hole that can be seen above the grub screw to tap the collar undone.’
    • ‘Such devices include means to inspect cables and anchorages, locknuts, or grub screws for cross arms, pivots, etc.’
    • ‘A metal bush is incorporated with grub screw fixing and is suitable for 1/4 in. diameter spindles.’
    • ‘On a cross-top tap, beneath the plastic hot and cold discs is the grub screw (a small, headless, larvae-like screw), which holds on the head of the tap.’
    • ‘The thrust pads and grub screws are used to transmit clamping forces by leaning to uneven and unparallel surfaces.’
    • ‘An incident occurred whereby the throttle retaining grub screw worked loose causing the throttle to disengage from its housing.’
    • ‘Furthermore, if a thread for a grub screw is tapped into the metal body, the strength of the thread will be stronger than a similar thread formed in a weaker plastics body of a prior art slider.’