Definition of growth ring in English:

growth ring


  • A concentric layer of wood, shell, or bone developed during an annual or other regular period of growth.

    • ‘For Douglas-fir branch junctions, the pith, primary xylem and perhaps also the oldest secondary xylem growth ring did not conduct any stain, and may have acted as barriers to lateral flow across the main stem.’
    • ‘We evaluate a new non - lethal method for determining the age of garter snakes using telomere length and compare this estimate to annual bone growth rings (skeletochronology).’
    • ‘Further examination of the partial growth ring on the outside of the stump suggested the tree fell between April and June.’
    • ‘The ice cores reveal hundreds of thousands of ice layers laid down on top of one another year by year, just as a tree adds one new growth ring per year.’
    • ‘The annual growth rings form concentric circles which include early and late wood and differ from each other in consistency - the earlier having larger vessels and fewer fibres.’
    • ‘Using a similar approach, we examined annual growth rings and wood structure in krummholz black spruce situated adjacent to polar bear dens.’
    • ‘We have recovered fusinized wood with irregular growth rings, which will be described in detail in a future contribution, which suggests the occurrence of wildfires and occasional water stress.’
    • ‘Also known as tree-ring dating, the method is based on the fact that living trees add an annual growth ring to their trunk and branches.’
    • ‘Many of the woods have indistinct growth rings, suggesting that the climate was only weakly seasonal, and probably warm temperate to subtropical.’
    • ‘The size of any growth ring and its regularity depend not only on latitude and hence the length of the growing season, but also on temperature; the largest rings form in warmer climates.’
    • ‘‘Dinosaur bones have growth rings, similar to but a bit more complicated than those you find in trees,’ Mateus said.’
    • ‘The bone, called an otolith, acquires a growth ring every day for at least the first six months of the fish's life.’
    • ‘We recently dredged up a specimen, from the mid Atlantic continental shelf, that had 220 annual growth rings.’
    • ‘A similar reduction in growth ring width has been observed in Douglas fir following arthropod attack; reduction in ring width was strongly correlated with degree of canopy defoliation.’
    • ‘Although many large dinosaur bones displayed growth rings, much like tree rings, they are incomplete and hard to read.’
    • ‘Its real record is written into the slowly changing landscape in which our daily life takes place; we can read this evolution in the built environment like a growth ring in a tree trunk.’
    • ‘Lumber is considered vertical grain when the annual growth rings form an angle of 45 degrees or more with the surface.’
    • ‘They are small, dark, rough, and gnarly, with concentric growth rings.’
    • ‘On the valve exterior are fine concentric growth rings.’
    • ‘Some cores exhibited release growth rates in the earliest growth ring, a condition we called initial release.’


growth ring