Definition of growth rate in English:

growth rate


  • The rate at which something, in particular an economy or business, grows.

    ‘consumer spending slowed to an annual growth rate of 1.2 percent’
    • ‘Internal parasites compete directly for the nutrients in the digestive tract, thereby decreasing pig growth rate.’
    • ‘Bangladesh has shown impressive agricultural growth rates in recent decades.’
    • ‘Some may need to be divided more or less frequently, depending on growth rate.’
    • ‘They anticipate growth rates of 20 per cent per year.’
    • ‘Tracking the growth rates of fish can show which are the fastest growers.’
    • ‘The fastest growth rate in rural areas has been in farmer-owned, value-added businesses.’
    • ‘In most pasture systems, growth rate varies among pasture areas.’
    • ‘Generally, higher levels of income inequality are associated with faster growth rates in per capita income.’
    • ‘Protein intake of weanlings has been shown to influence growth rates.’
    • ‘Low-quality hay does not provide adequate energy or protein for kids to achieve optimum growth rate.’