Definition of growth industry in English:

growth industry


  • An industry that is developing particularly rapidly.

    ‘fish farming is one of the natural growth industries for the area’
    figurative ‘addictions are becoming a growth industry’
    • ‘The automotive industry is not a growth industry.’
    • ‘Worldwide, aquaculture is forecast to be a major growth industry into the 21st century.’
    • ‘In short, the rising public expenditures not only gave rise to a growth industry but also raised the costs of labor and caused productivity to decline.’
    • ‘After a while, reforms, like the civil rights laws and the big government they feed, become a major growth industry.’
    • ‘With the lower prices the oil business again became a growth industry as demand accelerated sharply, thereby entailing substantial increases in exploration.’
    • ‘Such books represent a growth industry for publishers, including mainstream firms.’
    • ‘For the first ten years since independence, tourism has been hailed as the one growth industry to which there is no ceiling.’
    • ‘The push to downsize the military and privatize functions means government contracts are a growth industry.’
    • ‘Coal-fired power plants haven't been considered a growth industry for a long time.’
    • ‘I find this quite amazing because the sports industry is very much a growth industry.’
    • ‘As you can see, biotechnology is a growth industry no student can afford to ignore.’
    • ‘We think management is fantastic, it's got strong earnings growth, and it is in an exciting growth industry, but it has become excessively valued.’
    • ‘There is some industry there - a large portion of Australia's cars are made there - and the big growth industry is the wine industry.’
    • ‘This is a growth industry in which both consumers and the government seem to be increasingly interested.’
    • ‘Another is leadership in information technology, which is the big growth industry.’
    • ‘The hotel and tourism industry is a profitable growth industry.’
    • ‘Cultural industries are a welcome growth industry for our beautiful province.’
    • ‘Clothing is Vietnam's largest export, and its biggest growth industry, employing 2 million workers.’
    • ‘Private nursing agencies are becoming a growth industry as governments cut health budgets, creating staff shortages that have become highly profitable to fill.’
    • ‘The storage industry was a growth industry for over 20 years.’