Definition of growing point in English:

growing point


  • The meristem region at the apex of a plant shoot at which continuous cell division and differentiation occur.

    • ‘Rhizomes (bearded iris, Japanese iris) have thickened stems with a primary growth point at one end and additional growing points along the sides.’
    • ‘A normal, uninjured growing point is bright yellow-green and turgid; freeze injury causes it to become white or brown and water-soaked in appearance.’
    • ‘The growing point for corn is below the soil surface until the sixth leaf has emerged.’
    • ‘The distinguishing feature of Cystopteris protrusa is that the growing point of the rhizome protrudes 2-4 cm beyond the leaves.’
    • ‘Each division must have at least one growing point, or fan of leaves, a few inches of healthy rhizome, and a number of well developed roots.’