Definition of growbag in English:



  • 1A bag containing potting compost for growing plants such as tomatoes in.

    ‘growbags are great for people who have a small area to plant’
    • ‘If you have a greenhouse, it is time to clean out any dead plants, leaves or empty growbags and other garbage.’
    • ‘I have put some growbags on the roof terrace and got Joe to plant some seeds.’
    • ‘She needed some growbags to pot up some plants and a crab apple tree she had bought mid-week, so it was back down the garden centre yet again.’
    • ‘Water as often as possible, particularly if they are being grown in a growbag or container.’
    • ‘He leads us uphill and downhill, past rows of tiny fig trees in growbags, ready to be taken to a local forest.’
  • 2A type of sleeping bag designed for babies and small children, typically adjustable so as to fit a growing child.

    ‘I thought it was time to move my daughter to her big cot and her new growbag’
    • ‘A good blanket is still very popular, as are sleepsuits and baby growbags.’
    • ‘Anyone got any advice on how to get my 2-year old out of a grow bag and into a normal quilt?’
    • ‘He's growing out of his latest growbag and it makes sense to get him in pj's.’
    • ‘If the baby is too small for the grobag then there is a risk that they could slide down inside.’
    • ‘I am expecting my first baby and have heard that baby growbags are a really good idea for your baby to sleep in.’