Definition of grow on trees in English:

grow on trees


  • usually with negative Be plentiful or easily obtained.

    ‘jobs don't grow on trees’
    • ‘Different venues, though, do not grow on trees.’
    • ‘Money doesn't grow on trees, and neither does happiness or anything else worth having.’
    • ‘That party thinks that money just grows on trees and is there for the picking.’
    • ‘As I'm sure each candidate can appreciate, airtime doesn't grow on trees - so, we only have a couple of minutes left.’
    • ‘For four nights, every middle-class family in town forsook watching TV sitcoms to see the fireworks, and suddenly, we lived in a city where public transportation seemed to grow on trees.’
    • ‘Time is getting short and gorilla suits don't grow on trees.’
    • ‘I hope to sign another striker before the weekend, but gilt-edged strikers do not grow on trees and are difficult to acquire for a team in our position.’
    • ‘After all, we had to work hard to be unhealthiest country in Europe - such kudos doesn't grow on trees - and so we continue to fry and batter, butter and bake.’
    • ‘‘Heritage doesn't grow on trees,’ Mr Silver said.’
    • ‘To think that there are rights of the latter kind, I do not have to think either that they grow on trees (or can be dug out of the ground) or that they are purely a product of the social and political consensus in which they are recognized.’
    be plentiful, be abundant, be numerous, proliferate, superabound, thrive, flourish, be thick on the ground
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