Definition of grow on in English:

grow on

phrasal verb

  • Become gradually more appealing to (someone)

    ‘the tune grows on you’
    • ‘This is the kind of album that grows on you with every listen.’
    • ‘Boston grows on me more and more when I go down there, Providence too.’
    • ‘Between them, they come up with a film that grows on you.’
    • ‘His poetry grows on you, as unobtrusively as he himself does.’
    • ‘Sometimes a new car's appearance grows on you, sometimes it does not appeal at all.’
    • ‘But give the director that whim, and this film grows on you gradually.’
    • ‘And the damn thing grows on you, like the most insidious radio tunes.’
    • ‘It grows on you, which is what makes it a work of genius.’
    • ‘Although, I suppose, his face grows on you after a while.’
    • ‘It looks like TV and has the jokey obviousness of TV, but I tell ya, it grows on you.’