Definition of groupthink in English:



mass noun
  • The practice of thinking or making decisions as a group, resulting typically in unchallenged, poor-quality decision-making.

    ‘there's always a danger of groupthink when two leaders are so alike’
    • ‘This involves getting the feel of the session's groupthink, but for my group, at least, the bluffing element is probably secondary to the evaluation of the approximate worth of the characters.’
    • ‘What did these authors really feel about the inane book club questions in the back of their books, given that these lead to repetitive tropes and homogenized groupthink among people discussing the book?’
    • ‘We need to move away from this ethnic groupthink.’
    • ‘For example, there is evidence of groupthink operating within many cabinets of any political persuasion where government ministers, arguably, are selected according to a propensity to accept, rather than challenge, policy.’
    • ‘The number one rule in groups is to conform to groupthink.’
    • ‘Can anything be done to prevent or counteract the kind of groupthink or group corruption described earlier?’
    • ‘In short, the group lacked diversity and as a result demonstrated a colossal example of the failings of groupthink.’
    • ‘We've chosen previously to have diversity, thinking that that would eliminate groupthink.’
    • ‘More than ever, US journalists must avoid the temptation to engage in groupthink and - without seeming reflexively adversarial - must ask sharp questions.’
    • ‘A more in-depth understanding can also serve as a buffer against the perils of groupthink.’
    • ‘Like many trends, this one is driven in part by Hollywood's marketing groupthink.’
    • ‘But I don't think that sort of groupthink is what's in action here.’
    • ‘Or better yet, retire the pledge as an exercise in groupthink unbefitting a free people.’
    • ‘The Big Media organizations have their faults - chiefly laziness, political groupthink, and a tendency to condescend to their audiences - and those are starting to cost them.’
    • ‘I would expect to find a high level of groupthink in any government.’
    • ‘You get a formidable explosion - an A-bomb of groupthink.’
    • ‘For one, she will be astonished by not only the pervasive groupthink but how little awareness there is of the narrowness of thought present.’
    • ‘The allergy to negative feedback sets up the dreaded condition known as groupthink: Debate is not tolerated; bad decisions go unquestioned; and when it all falls apart, no one can figure out why.’
    • ‘Accept that most people do not go in for groupthink.’
    • ‘I think the key to avoiding unhealthy levels of groupthink has to do with designing spaces that consistently exert pull upon outsiders (or social hackers or community straddlers), so as to keep the air fresh.’


1950s: on the pattern of doublethink.