Definition of grouper in English:


(NZ, Australian groper)


  • A large or very large heavy-bodied fish of the sea bass family, with a big head and wide mouth, found in warm seas.

    Family Serranidae: several genera, in particular Epinephelus and Mycteroperca

    • ‘Predators such as lizardfish, groupers, and snappers tend to range widely, and an element of surprise is often essential to their success.’
    • ‘Larger fish such as groupers or other sharks have been known to prey on whitetips.’
    • ‘It is another country - on the dive we see angelfish, tarpon, grouper and moray eels.’
    • ‘While being scrutinised by a gargantuan grouper and innumerable smaller fish, I became aware of a more thrilling presence.’
    • ‘Large fish such as groupers and moray eels can often be found resting next to a colony of shrimps, which flit out and crawl over the fish's skin while cleaning it.’


Early 17th century: from Portuguese garoupa, probably from a local term in South America.