Definition of group home in English:

group home


  • A home where a small number of unrelated people in need of care, support, or supervision can live together.

    • ‘At one point her parents could no longer control her and she was placed in a group home by the Children's Aid Society where she lived for two years.’
    • ‘Jake's medically fragile condition posed additional problems and it was only after much searching that a group home was found in which the model of palliative care fit Jake's medical needs.’
    • ‘She was able to live in a group home and attend a workshop every day.’
    • ‘I mean I don't want to go live in a group home but I don't really want to go back there either.’
    • ‘Together with his social worker and his parents, he decided to try living at a group home.’
    • ‘This can be state-endorsed foster care, or it can be a capable, competent relative, or, in some cases, a group home or assisted living facility, depending on the kid's needs.’
    • ‘Eventually I was released into a group home called Phoenix House.’
    • ‘At the Brooklyn district attorney's office, several of the female staff members came together and adopted a group home that hovers at the edge of a nearby prostitution track.’
    • ‘His parents would try to encourage him to live in a group home.’
    • ‘Just for the record, being pregnant while living in a group home is one of the toughest things I've been through.’
    • ‘This project is also very personal for him: His parents ran a group home for the mentally ill, and he had long wanted a chance to demystify the subject.’
    • ‘Then she sat down on the floor in front of the coffee table and began drawing floor plans and diagrams of the group home where she had lived with the twins and Christine.’
    • ‘Graduates will most likely live at home with parents, in a group home, or in semi-independent living, depending on their level of independence.’
    • ‘All patients lived at home, with the exception of one who resided in a group home.’
    • ‘Joe tells a story of an elderly man who invited him to his group home to fill out his census form.’
    • ‘I have a patient who lives in a group home and whose medical decisions are supposed to be made by a legal guardian, a woman who lives in another city and is difficult to reach.’
    • ‘The staff at the Helen Keller Center assisted John Doe to develop these communication skills still further, to the point that he was able to live in a group home in Springfield, Illinois.’
    • ‘I was in a group home in East Oakland when the song came out.’
    • ‘After that I went to a children's shelter, then my first group home.’
    • ‘We're going to spend upwards of $5,000 a month to keep each child in a group home until they are finally adopted by somebody else.’