Definition of groundout in English:



  • A play in which a batter is put out by hitting a ground ball to a fielder who throws it to first base before the batter touches that base.

    ‘he proceeded to second base on a groundout’
    • ‘In the top of the ninth, he doubled and then moved up to third on an infield groundout.’
    • ‘In fact, the final two outs of Greene's no-hit performance were a groundout to third base by Larry Walker and a hard smash on the ground back to Greene by Tim Wallach.’
    • ‘His main pitch was a nasty forkball, and I remember hitting a groundout to second base.’
    • ‘A base hit should get the runner to third base, and a groundout usually advances him to second.’
    • ‘His mission - bring in a run - was accomplished with a simple groundout to second base.’