Definition of groundhog in English:



North American
  • another term for woodchuck
    • ‘Like the polar bear, the groundhog, and other creatures of the wild, professional eaters have internal barometers, delicately calibrated to different times of the year.’
    • ‘He mentioned in passing that as a kid here he could tell the difference between the footprints of foxes, groundhogs and raccoons.’
    • ‘Is it a groundhog, a gopher, a badger or a rabbit?’
    • ‘Woodchucks, also known as groundhogs, are a member of the squirrel family and reside throughout the east and mid-west sections of the United States and most of Canada.’
    • ‘The principal function of the fence was to keep animals out, particularly rabbits, but also skunks, raccoons, and groundhogs, all notorious crop destroyers.’
    • ‘The groundhog, also called the woodchuck, is a tunnel master who finds any number of garden plants appealing both above and below the ground.’
    • ‘If your prime target is marmots or groundhogs, there's even less justification for scopes above 16x because the target is larger.’
    • ‘Records of the groundhogs ' predictions have been kept since 1887.’
    • ‘When the days start to grow longer in February, Americans are as hungry as a bunch of groundhogs, drooling for the first tender greens of spring.’
    • ‘It's not unusual at all to see snakes, groundhogs, skunks, fox, and numerous other creatures.’
    • ‘Depending upon where you live, you may need to protect young plants from rabbits and groundhogs that find new shoots appetizing.’
    • ‘Something (I suspect a groundhog, or a deer, or a gigantic mutant rabbit) has started chewing on a couple of the pumpkins in the garden pumpkin patch.’
    • ‘If you live out West, it's the marmot - the groundhog's cowboy cousin - or prairie rats that command your attention.’
    • ‘Canada geese, muskrats, groundhogs, beavers, and various bird species may cause nuisance problems in and around the pond.’
    • ‘When the groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil was pulled from his fake tree trunk in Pennsylvania on February 2, he saw his shadow.’
    • ‘By sheer luck, no chipmunks or groundhogs have yet found it.’
    • ‘Like the groundhog of spring, today I saw my shadow.’
    • ‘At least 3 woodchucks / groundhogs are reputed to predict the weather.’
    • ‘The groundhogs have chewed through countless car wires and insulation, and have even been found by unsuspecting mechanics nestled under car hoods, still perniciously gnawing.’
    • ‘The snow is not as white, the road salt is collecting in classrooms, everybody walks head down to avoid winter, midterms loom on the horizon, co-op interviews are in full swing and groundhogs are forecasting spring.’