Definition of groundbait in English:



mass nounBritish
  • Bait thrown into the water while fishing (as distinct from hookbait).

    • ‘For the modest price of a day ticket there is excellent sport available, with possible 20 lb bags of roach and dace falling to stick or pole with maggot over small helpings of groundbait.’
    • ‘I've had most of my fish on sweetcorn or home-made boilies over groundbait and particles.’
    • ‘Choose a likely clear area of bottom and bait heavily with groundbait and sweetcorn or chopped worms.’
    • ‘No groundbait is required because the fish you are after are already there - no need to attract them.’
    • ‘So to sum up the subject of bait and groundbait, I have to say that you really cannot take too much bait.’
    • ‘I always mix my groundbait at the waterside and always with lake water.’
    • ‘He had already prepared breakfast and I could see that he had also prepared mashed bread groundbait and wet bread cubes.’
    • ‘The main area of groundbait on the bottom, with my hookbait, was being ignored.’
    • ‘It is unlikely that such a small amount of groundbait will attract many fish in a large moderately stocked water.’
    • ‘However, please remember not to use groundbait.’
    • ‘This is usually a mixture of groundbait, broken boilies and seeds and beans.’
    • ‘The local rat population from the nearby landfill site have been lapping up the bonanza of discarded and unused sweetcorn, groundbait and pellets.’
    • ‘In fact the tonnage of maggots, casters and groundbait introduced must have been incredible.’
    • ‘The hook is pushed into the groundbait leaving the hookbait of two mini-boilies standing proud.’
    • ‘I arrived three hours before dark and immediately fed in eight balls of groundbait before setting up my tackle.’
    • ‘Offering maggot over pellet and groundbait at 13 metres he had small carp to 3lb.’
    • ‘In addition to worms and groundbait you will need some casters and red maggots when you are there.’
    • ‘In shallower or less fast flowing water I seldom need to add a stone and just place balls of groundbait in the swim.’
    • ‘At a signal, they all reached down into the buckets and pulled out ready-prepared balls of groundbait.’
    • ‘It fell to hair-rigged halibut pellet fished in conjunction with a cage feeder packed with pellets and halibut pellet groundbait.’