Definition of ground troops in English:

ground troops

plural noun

  • Soldiers deployed on land rather than in the air or at sea.

    ‘simultaneous aerial attacks come as ground troops are carrying out a pincer movement’
    • ‘The central computer could conceivably be a simple notebook operated by ground troops.’
    • ‘They deployed half a million ground troops and dropped more than six million tons of bombs.’
    • ‘Aircraft were not limited to operating only where their ground troops had taken ground.’
    • ‘With no bombing campaign to halt or any ground troops to withdraw, our ability to stop the war is rather limited.’
    • ‘The ground troops do not engage in maintaining security.’
    • ‘Planes could be used to back up ground troops by using napalm.’
    • ‘Ultimately, we're going to have to have more ground troops going in.’
    • ‘Throughout the war, marine aircraft were the supporting weapon of choice among ground troops of all services.’
    • ‘This time, the war was fought from the air, a reversal of the tradition of air support for ground troops.’
    • ‘In 1950, the prime minister was reluctant to commit ground troops to the conflict.’