Definition of ground speed in English:

ground speed


  • An aircraft's speed relative to the ground.

    Compare with airspeed
    • ‘In previous charts for this day I added ten mph to the ground speed to get the air speed for each of the pilots.’
    • ‘However, they recently pointed out that previous models had ignored the fact that flapping feathered wings while running will considerably increase the ground speed before take off.’
    • ‘Ground speed was on average only slightly faster than the mean air speed, and the scatter was considerably larger for ground speeds than for air speeds.’
    • ‘As the ground speed increases, the belt speed increases proportionally.’
    • ‘Every three seconds I have a loop giving my bearing and, in between, my ground speed and air speed.’
    • ‘I just kept the glider at less than 40 mph for the first six miles just to keep the needle at the best glide over the ground speed as I knew I was close to not making it.’
    • ‘By this time, the crew of the plane was aware that fuel consumption was greater than anticipated, and the average ground speed had been only 70 knots.’
    • ‘Select or measure ground speeds in miles per hour (mph).’
    • ‘For ground vehicles, mines are dispensed 25 to 60 meters from the vehicle at ground speeds of 5 to 55 mph.’
    • ‘The combines were operated in high-yielding corn using a wide combination of cylinder or rotor speeds, concave clearances, sieve settings, cleaning fan speeds and ground speeds.’
    • ‘The maximum ground speed while taxiing should be 35 mph but the Boeing 737 was travelling at 38 mph on the runway.’
    • ‘Once at altitude, power came back to 97 percent to stabilize a fuel flow of 130 gph with a ground speed of 350 knots and a cabin altitude of 13,000 feet.’
    • ‘Jensen would fly the craft inverted into a strong headwind, resulting in a negative ground speed.’
    • ‘Recommended ground speeds are usually between 4 and 6 miles per hour.’
    • ‘My average ground speed when gliding was 57 mph.’
    • ‘The speed column is the average ground speed (in miles per hour) gliding between thermals which should roughly correspond to the average air speed between thermals given the task.’
    • ‘I calculated the butterfly's heading and airspeed using a wind-drift vector analysis with minor modifications for measured ground speed rather than measured airspeed.’
    • ‘During take off, the computer will relay his ground speed, airspeed and height from the runway.’
    • ‘Mach is said to change when 1.0 Mach refers to different ground speeds.’
    • ‘In one slide, ground speeds at touchdown were evaluated.’


ground speed