Definition of ground loop in English:

ground loop


  • 1A violent, uncontrolled horizontal rotation of an aircraft while landing, taking off, or taxiing.

    • ‘From television footage, it appears that the pilot may have initiated a ground loop to stop the aircraft.’
    • ‘No less than 17 more were either destroyed or damaged in ground loops or turn overs during landing.’
    • ‘Many P - 40Es were demolished in ground loops by inexperienced pilots who did not compensate for the increased torque by adding more rudder and trim.’
    • ‘The 195 was wrecked that year in a ground loop incident on its way to Oshkosh.’
    • ‘The final landing was a battle as I tried to prevent a ground loop.’
    • ‘The Skywagon has seen its share of ground loops, landing accidents and other typical general-aviation accidents.’
    • ‘However, eventually down they came, bobbling and swerving with some ground loops upon arrival.’
    • ‘I think that, in fact, saved me from a ground loop.’
    • ‘We started a fast swing to the left, which could result in a nasty ground loop.’
    • ‘It appears that the departure from the carrier was caused by a brief ground loop after initial contact with the deck.’
    • ‘The stunt pilot took the non-airworthy aircraft down the runway and after reaching a pretty good speed retracted the landing gear to represent the ground-loop.’
    • ‘Surviving ten months of combat and operational flying under the roughest field conditions, it finally met an ignominious end in a ground loop caused by a ham-handed American test pilot.’
    • ‘The ultralight did several ground loops before the successful flight.’
    • ‘Aerodynamicists know this as the ‘incipient ground loop.’’
    • ‘A nice Cessna 195 had just landed, went into a violent ground-loop, tore off the gear, bent a wing and skidded to a stop near where some cars were parked.’
  • 2North American An unwanted electric current path in a circuit resulting in stray signals or interference, occurring for example when two earthed points in the same circuit have different potentials; an earth loop.

    • ‘One thing we liked - the ground-loop isolator circuit located in the unit itself, which can notch out the 60-cycle hum that sometimes makes its way into audio recordings.’
    • ‘Segments of your network and power systems that are connected to different grounds should be electrically isolated to minimize the potential for ground loops.’
    • ‘This apparently caused a short or ground loop, which then caused the subwoofer to generate a really loud bass rumble.’
    • ‘One presentation, for instance, is the ‘Living Machine Biolarium Space,’ which explains an integrated photovoltaic roof system and a ground loop heat exchange system that heats and cools by exchanging heat with the earth.’
    • ‘He notes that some school districts are installing ground-loop heat pumps, which are more expensive up front but save on utility costs in the long run.’
    • ‘Because of this design, a ground loop would occur if the signal was looped back from the main output and into either of these inputs.’


[no object]
  • (of an aircraft) make a ground loop.

    • ‘It is the right aircraft for these conditions as it cannot ground-loop nor turn over on its nose.’
    • ‘I smile when I read some ‘expert’ telling about the Spitfire's tendency to ground loop or its dangerous spin characteristics, both of which are nonsense.’
    • ‘Amazingly, the racer did not ground loop or flip end over end.’
    • ‘Registered in December 1974, the aircraft was ground-looped while on the ferry flight to Arizona in July 1980, initiating a five-year restoration.’
    • ‘I figured we'd just ground-loop the jet or steer it into the Hornet next to us.’
    • ‘After my forward speed diminished somewhat, I moved the control stick forward to unlock the tail wheel and attempted to ground loop the aircraft.’
    • ‘My plan still was to ground loop the aircraft if I missed the gear.’
    • ‘Flying the PT - 17 was great in spite of its tendency to ground loop.’
    • ‘Camel pilots had to give the aeroplane full right rudder while bumping across the field on takeoff or the torque of the rotary engine would cause the craft to ground loop.’
    • ‘You'll find that the airplane has no tendency to ground loop and can be turned under full control to either side even while taxiing at a fast rate.’