Definition of ground glass in English:

ground glass


mass noun
  • 1Glass with a smooth ground surface that renders it non-transparent while retaining its translucency.

    • ‘The ashtray is of ground glass, another example of its attempts to minimise any human interaction with objects made of plastic.’
    • ‘A more interactive part of the building, where the featured athlete can meet the fans and answer questions, takes place in the ground glass atrium.’
    • ‘A ground glass was placed in front of the sample cell to defuse the excitation beam.’
    • ‘Clearly this is a joke on the way objects are inverted on the camera's ground glass.’
    • ‘The company makes its ordinary-looking line of heavy-duty cleaning blocks from 98 percent recycled ground glass, an environmentally safe alternative to the strip mining that gives us pumice for use in many of our household products.’
    • ‘I would look at the ground glass and compose the image, but I wouldn't shoot the picture.’
    • ‘First is the blending of colours and blurring of outlines, produced by the light being slightly scattered through the ground glass or oiled paper of the viewing screen.’
    • ‘Using a 4x5 often means seeing the image slowly come to life onto the camera's ground glass, in the confined and intimate space under the dark cloth where image and photographer are face to face.’
    • ‘The image is projected upwards onto a translucent screen, typically of ground glass - although other translucent materials can also serve.’
    • ‘While peering at the ground glass focusing screen I suddenly heard this loud cracking noise.’
    • ‘In patients with Terry's nails, most of the nail plate turns white with the appearance of ground glass, and the lunula is obliterated.’
    • ‘A year later a ground glass contact lens was made to treat an ophthalmologist's own high myopia (short sight).’
    • ‘The stopcock consists of an inner piece of ground glass that fits tightly into the glass tube and that can be rotated in a tightly fitting casing.’
  • 2Glass ground into an abrasive powder.

    • ‘To make their strings sharper, boys ‘glass’ them by soaking them in a mixture of ground glass and paste.’
    • ‘You'd pick out something equally out of touch with your immediate family's desires, give it to them and then you'd spend all day sitting around and talking about things that make you feel like swallowing ground glass.’
    • ‘They also used cotton soaked in glue and ground glass and later hemp bindings.’
    • ‘When viewed under a microscope ground glass looks very similar to silica sand - but it remains to be seen if glass can ‘perform’ as well.’
    • ‘Modern buildings are filled with all sorts of materials that human beings should not inhale: asbestos, mercury, lead, concrete dust, ground glass, and who knows what else.’
    • ‘If I ingest a sufficient quantity of ground glass, the result will be a horrendous evil, because the physiology of my digestion will proceed with business as usual.’
    • ‘As the debris and ash began piling up at my feet, my lungs suddenly filled with asbestos and ground glass.’
    • ‘I mixed the ground glass and glue thoroughly, spread it all over the thread and left it to dry.’
    • ‘To make it more durable, the majority of a resin composite is actually finely ground glass or a similar material.’
    • ‘The house slave who poisoned her master's family by putting ground glass in the food had first to become the family cook.’