Definition of ground forces in English:

ground forces

plural noun

  • Troops and weaponry deployed on land rather than in the air or at sea.

    ‘the job for his task force was to support ground forces ashore’
    in singular ‘a heavily armed ground force’
    • ‘The general, who was to command all the invading ground forces, refined the plans in his typically incisive way.’
    • ‘We have not sent massive ground forces in there.’
    • ‘Aircraft can be told to bomb infrastructure, attack ground forces, or take out ports.’
    • ‘Recalled to Washington in October 1944, Stilwell became commander of army ground forces.’
    • ‘Organic air defence weapons of ground forces must be integrated into the overall air defence network to minimize the risk of fratricide.’
    • ‘There was never a plan in the previous administration to use ground forces.’
    • ‘They do not need to hit the center of the target to devastate conventionally armed ground forces.’
    • ‘Flight deck personnel were readying fighter aircraft for a strike at enemy ground forces.’
    • ‘He is the general in charge of ground forces.’
    • ‘In a televised address, the president said ground forces would never be used.’