Definition of ground floor in English:

ground floor


  • The floor of a building at ground level.

    as modifier ‘a ground-floor flat’
    • ‘The multi-million pound scheme involves a brick and glass hotel with more than 100 bedrooms, above a ground-floor restaurant.’
    • ‘Two ground-floor retail units of 10,000 square feet will also be available in a development which should be completed by July 2004.’
    • ‘It was a ground-floor flat in one of the redbrick two-storey buildings that made up one side of Ormond Square.’
    • ‘The fire is believed to have been started by a cigarette discarded in an armchair in a ground-floor flat.’
    • ‘They could see him through a ground-floor window.’
    • ‘I live in a ground-floor flat with a small garden which has flower borders on three sides.’
    • ‘The four ground-floor units that surround the piazza were designated for A3 use - hopefully, a mix of restaurants, pubs and boutiques.’
    • ‘The alarm was raised by a ground-floor resident.’
    • ‘With the sale of her house going through, she finally found an ideal tenancy - a peaceful ground-floor flat.’
    • ‘He said the attacker left by a taxi, only to return later on foot and smash a ground-floor window to the building.’
    • ‘Opposite this is an anonymous-looking office building with a large ground-floor window.’
    • ‘The kitchen is just a double sink and an old range fireplace, and the ground-floor bathroom lacks a hand basin and 21 st-century plumbing.’
    • ‘The man who was being questioned rents a ground-floor flat in a Victorian semi-detached house in Abbey Road, Chertsey.’
    • ‘We are also working with the police to identify vandals and squatters, one of whom has been evicted from a ground-floor flat.’
    • ‘Her ground-floor hallway, dining room and a bedroom have all gone to become a post office and shop, but she will keep a downstairs kitchen and living room, and all her upstairs rooms.’
    • ‘New tarmac paths were also promised, along with the removal of rusty iron railings and better privacy for people living in the ground-floor flats.’
    • ‘‘I live in a ground-floor flat which is very insecure and has no back entrance,’ he says.’
    • ‘Proposals have been submitted to city planners to build a new structure of seven flats and a ground-floor shop behind the original five-storey structure.’
    • ‘My friend had to take to a canoe as flash floods cascaded outside the ground-floor flat of a friend he was visiting.’
    • ‘It will be spent on completely refurbishing the ground-floor outpatient facilities, buying new equipment and generally improving inpatient facilities.’


  • get in on the ground floor

    • informal Join an enterprise in its early stages.

      ‘the scope for an entrepreneur to get in on the ground floor was obvious’
      • ‘What they do publish is a colour-glossy pamphlet telling first-time condo-buyers how they can get in on the ground floor of soon-to-be gentrified neighbourhoods.’
      • ‘Now getting in on the ground floor to build up sector expertise must have its attractions.’
      • ‘I get in on the ground floor because John and Joey and I, and now Jon and I, work from the seeds of an idea.’
      • ‘Make sure you get in on the ground floor early by checking these guys out.’
      • ‘Only five provinces have signalled that they want to get in on the ground floor of the program, which will see the federal cash targeted for spending on infrastructure like mass transit, water systems, bridges and roads.’
      • ‘Each of these kids decided, a long time ago, to get in on the ground floor of the newest vice industry.’
      • ‘Please, send money now to get in on the ground floor of this wonderful opportunity.’
      • ‘By getting in on the ground floor of the movement you'll secure a role as a progressively conservative visionary.’
      • ‘I got in on the ground floor, and it is the basis for my career now.’
      • ‘He looked at the numbers and decided against the purchase and that missed opportunity has perhaps fuelled the family's interest in getting in on the ground floor of the rugby revolution.’


ground floor