Definition of ground elder in English:

ground elder


  • A common weed of the parsley family, with leaves that resemble those of the elder and spreading underground stems, native to Europe.

    Aegopodium podagraria, family Umbelliferae: a variegated cultivar is sometimes grown as ground cover

    • ‘It is impossible to describe the entirely original flavour of ground elder when cooked.’
    • ‘Having said that, be assured that late summer is ideal for tackling the growth of difficult weeds such as ground elder, brambles, bindweed and Japanese knotweed.’
    • ‘When you have got 10 poles of ground elder to deal with and it takes two bus journeys to get there, a hosepipe ban is the least of your worries.’
    • ‘Don't add tough perennial weeds such as ground elder, thistles and nettles as their roots are likely to survive and will spread with your compost.’
    • ‘Do not put in perennial weeds such as dock or ground elder and shake off as much soil as possible from the other weeds.’