Definition of ground down in English:

ground down


  • Exhausted or worn down.

    ‘why would a competent and effective woman get so ground down?’
    • ‘He never seemed too ground down by office even when he was in the eye of the political storm.’
    • ‘The whole city was full of torpid people ground down from extended job hunts, and by August, most folks had just given and were just waiting for after Labor Day to resume the search.’
    • ‘All three got on the scoresheet and all three were instrumental as they ground down the Cougars’ pack.’
    • ‘The Knights began the game the better but Sheffield, just like they had done when beating Batley, started to come back into it after 15 minutes or so, with their forwards trying to ground down the opposition.’
    • ‘This is a people who did not elect him, who have been ground down by a decade of deprivation and whose motivations are aimed at food, shelter and the preservation of their lives, rather than toppling their government.’
    • ‘For a lot of pupils and for a lot of teachers they are just ground down by it.’
    • ‘The early 1880's were characterised by a difficult depression, and workers wages were ground down lower than they had been before the strike wave of 1877.’
    • ‘The principal sufferers are the suppliers, and most of her book is spent on the way these farmers, food processors and nurserymen are systematically ground down by the supermarket buyers.’
    • ‘It is very sad in a way, because it is such a reflection of the way we tend to get ground down by society.’
    • ‘Even the best, stuck in a hopeless team, will eventually be ground down to despair, a phenomenon well known to some footballers until the league started evening up the competition.’