Definition of ground cherry in English:

ground cherry


  • An American plant of the nightshade family that resembles the cape gooseberry.

    Genus Physalis, family Solanaceae: several species, in particular P. pruinosa, which yields edible fruit

    • ‘Add ground cherries and boil hard another ten to fifteen minutes until as thick as desired.’
    • ‘Though we never plant a full row, and they never produce many fruits, we keep growing cape gooseberries, which resemble overgrown ground cherries.’
    • ‘I think, however, that they could be combined with other plants in a large tub and the ground cherries could be allowed to cascade over the edge.’
    • ‘I try a citrus-accented ground cherry that comes in its own papery wrapper.’
    • ‘I spotted this ground cherry plant that was different than the ones growing in my garden.’