Definition of gross tonnage in English:

gross tonnage


mass noun
  • 1The size or carrying capacity of a ship measured in gross tons.

    ‘all vessels over 300 gross tonnage are required to participate’
    count noun ‘the MSC Divina has a gross tonnage of 135,000 tons’
    • ‘The ship, which has more than twice the gross tonnage of the Titanic, drifted for a few hundred yards before keeling over in shallow water.’
    • ‘The North Star is a larger vessel than the Kanawha, her gross tonnage being 818 tons.’
    • ‘On a freighter, the gross tonnage refers to the space that is available for cargo, one ton usually being 40 cubic feet.’
    • ‘She was built in France and has a gross tonnage of 79 tons.’
    • ‘People often compare the ship's displacement with gross tonnage, and this is absolutely wrong.’
    • ‘Effort control measurements are currently based largely on the reduction of capacity, measured in terms of days fished, engine power, and gross tonnage.’
    • ‘What they pay is decided by the gross tonnage of the ship and not their 'threat' level.’
    • ‘This includes cargo ships of 500 gross tonnage and upwards not engaged on international voyages, and passenger ships irrespective of size.’
    • ‘The 114,000 ton figure is not the ship's weight but its gross tonnage, which is a measure of a ship's interior volume.’
    • ‘Most are over three times the length of an American football field, with gross tonnage of 100,000 or more.’
    1. 1.1 Shipping considered in terms of total carrying capacity measured in gross tons.
      ‘the International Group insures 90 percent of the world's gross tonnage’
      • ‘We envisage growth in gross tonnage and box traffic at Mombasa’
      • ‘Gross tonnage has increased, and we are pleased that our financial stability, claims management, and service have attracted more tonnage from existing members.’
      • ‘Although some ports saw an estimated contraction in either gross tonnage or container handling in 2013, 2014 will see these facilities return to growth.’
      • ‘This is subject to acceptance by at least two-thirds of parties constituting not less than 50 per cent gross tonnage of the world merchant fleet.’
      • ‘It was ratified by 30 members with a total share in the world gross tonnage of ships of at least 33 per cent.’
      • ‘They forecast an expansion in container and gross tonnage handling across all Colombian ports in 2015.’
      • ‘While the UK will be expected to slash gross tonnage by a massive 23 per cent, Spain will only face a cut of 9.4 per cent.’
      • ‘The IMO based its information on returns from 39 governments that represent 83.6 per cent of world merchant shipping by gross tonnage.’
      • ‘Bangladesh's ship recycling industry has an annual gross tonnage capacity of more than 8.8 million.’
      • ‘Half of the members of its shipbuilding industry could go bankrupt within the next two years, given the decline in gross tonnage of orders.’