Definition of gross someone out in English:

gross someone out

phrasal verb

North American
  • Disgust someone.

    ‘he used to eat worms to gross her out’
    • ‘However, he shot me a disgusted look, as if he was grossed out or something.’
    • ‘I did get in the kiss as I promised but it was a very quick chaste kinda one so I can't really say too much, other than I wasn't grossed out or anything so I guess he passes the first test.’
    • ‘There are people sitting right behind you and you just grossed them out.’
    • ‘I still like Robbie an awful lot but he kind of grosses me out at the same time.’
    • ‘But for all I was grossed out, I was also engrossed.’
    • ‘I still haven't been able to make it past the second page of this discussion by nurses about what grosses them out, but I hope to do so someday.’
    • ‘Eh, if I didn't know those two were only best friends, I would be grossed out.’
    • ‘He is into the tone and not terribly interested in grossing you out.’
    • ‘If you plan on remaining roommates and it's really grossing you out, you have a few options.’
    • ‘I figured you were looking for something you could watch with a woman without grossing her out’
    • ‘I have a problem with blood and it just grosses me out badly.’
    • ‘Previously, all vacuum cleaners have kept the dirt hidden in a bag, with the assumption that it would simply gross you out to see how dirty your house is.’
    • ‘He told me that his dad is quite comfortable with the handling and filleting of fish so if I ever go fishing, I need to invite his dad along because this grosses me out.’
    • ‘The thought of a litter tray in a bathroom just grosses me out.’
    • ‘Let me run through a few examples of what people have had to do (if stuff grosses you out then stop reading).’
    • ‘I guess the idea is completely grossing him out.’
    • ‘No, the fact that you two got married is what grosses me out.’
    • ‘He told me he was grossed out by my chocolate maggot story.’
    • ‘Add a lot of squashed bugs and stuff that grosses you out.’
    • ‘Maybe you used to love your dad's juicy T-bones, but the thought of eating meat grosses you out now.’
    disgust, revolt, repel, repulse, sicken, nauseate, cause to feel nauseous, make shudder, turn someone's stomach, make someone's gorge rise
    be repugnant to, be repulsive to, be distasteful to
    turn off, make someone want to throw up
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