Definition of grooviness in English:



dated, humorous, informal
  • See groovy

    • ‘It is more notably programmed with tribal breakbeats and seething atmospheres, though it is also blessed with lazy guitar chords that quickly rally into grooviness.’
    • ‘The album from which it came bored me slightly, but all the remix CDs are fabulous, and this one contains more concentrated grooviness than 99% of most remix discs.’
    • ‘For the first 40 or so minutes they played rock song after rock song, bathing the sitting and standing crowd in David's signature rock grooviness.’
    • ‘King's Road used to be one of the most thrilling streets in London and its glorious grooviness required that you walk it with a swagger or a strut.’
    • ‘One can detect his magpie mind at work throughout these 60 tracks, constantly seeking silver keys with which to unlatch the doors of grooviness.’