Definition of grooved ware in English:

grooved ware


mass nounArchaeology
  • Prehistoric pottery of the mid to late Neolithic in Britain (c.3300–2100 BC), characterized by a flat base and decorated chiefly with grooves and straight lines.

    • ‘The structure was dated by finds of grooved ware pottery.’
    • ‘Instead I have to stand there, look them in the eye and say a sherd of late Neolithic grooved ware.’
    • ‘He notes that henges and the grooved ware pottery often found at them are two examples of the British Neolithic not found on the Continent.’
    • ‘The finds from the site included quantities of grooved ware pottery.’
    • ‘‘We found 750-odd pieces of grooved ware, which is one of the largest collections in the south-west of Scotland.’’