Definition of grogginess in English:



  • See groggy

    • ‘Finally, I woke up at about 2 and dragged myself around the house until I could shake off the grogginess.’
    • ‘Fact is, his grogginess is of a piece with his intensely absurd comedy, the enervated mutterings of one worn out by too much hard thinking.’
    • ‘Birds are just one of nature's beauties and hearing them each morning helps me to appreciate, in all my grogginess, that I've lived to see another day.’
    • ‘I figured I'd be released in a few days, so, aside from my anesthetic grogginess, I was in a pretty good mood.’
    • ‘The streetlights along the track cast a pale whiteness upon the silent train; I experienced a familiar wee-hour grogginess that melded so eerily with the shadowy black and whiteness of the scene.’