Definition of grog shop in English:

grog shop


NZ, Australian
  • A shop which sells alcohol.

    ‘they moved off to an unlicensed grog shop further up the street’
    • ‘Leisure time spent in masculine environments such as black boardinghouses, city quays, grog shops, and city jails all facilitated friendships.’
    • ‘The lawyer affirmed that both fermented and distilled liquor, when offered for sale at the grog shops, are not property.’
    • ‘They accepted an invitation to join him at a Manchurian grog shop.’
    • ‘In Australia, I've bought booze from a drive-thru grog shop - you don't even have to get out of the car to get loaded.’
    • ‘Weekend evenings in the grog shops near the open air market were frequently bloody, with intoxicated Japanese men clashing with Koreans.’
    • ‘He remarked that should some shrewd Yankee set up a grog shop near Mr. Smith's house, he would make his fortune.’
    • ‘In California, gambling dens and grog shops were constructed in the midst of the cabins of the miners.’
    • ‘He would walk through the gambling dens, tenement houses, grog shops and houses of prostitution located on the estate.’
    • ‘On the other side of the river are numerous shanties, grog shops and grocery stores, on a small scale, got up since the battalion arrived.’
    • ‘Prostitutes set up shop and a grog shop opened behind the trees.’