Definition of grody in English:



  • Very unpleasant; disgusting.

    ‘an old man with grody yellow teeth’
    ‘by itself, buttermilk tastes pretty grody’
    ‘think of those 80s pics of everyone in denim—grody to the max!’
    • ‘Now, I can deal with just about anything that happens (my three years at the animal hospital also gave me a fair bit of exposure to some grody stuff), but barf always makes me gag.’
    • ‘You can shop at the mall like a Valley Girl, but those plastic bags are grody to the max!’
    • ‘Did he smell grody?’
    • ‘Bringing the Ex was extraordinarily tacky, but narrowly/technically legal; her not warning you in the first place was especially grody.’
    • ‘I look so grungy and grody tonight.’
    • ‘Scoop potting soil, grody stuff that you don't want to touch, with a clean used takeout container.’
    • ‘He had some good songs early on, then became a caricature of himself, complete with grody flip-flops, bad margaritas, and an zinc-oxided nose.’
    • ‘Repairs on the shower took quite some time, which made me feel frustrated and grody.’
    • ‘It's nice to be in a clean place, without that grody hospital smell.’
    • ‘It'll help keep bacteria, dirt, and other grody stuff from contaminating your gym bag.’


1960s (as groaty): from grotesque.