Definition of groat in English:



  • 1Any of various medieval European coins, in particular an English silver coin worth four old pence, issued between 1351 and 1662.

    • ‘I bet Edward III's subjects thought that the silver groat was a fine coin too but I haven't seen many of those around recently.’
    • ‘With its medieval history, Lacock and its Abbey may have leased in lugs long before the demise of the groat in the 17th century, although the groat was deemed to be worth four pennies.’
    • ‘A halfpenny was of course half a penny; a groat was worth fourpence; and a sixpence (popularly called a ‘tester’) was worth six pennies, or 6 d.’
    • ‘Material possessions and the means of measuring them by reference to groats, shillings or florins were forbidden in the Holy Parish.’
    • ‘Surrey Street Market has been at the heart of Croydon's daily life for more than 700 years, with cries of ‘who'll give me a pound, penny or groat?’’
    1. 1.1archaic in singular, with negative A small amount.
      ‘I do not care a groat’


From Middle Dutch groot or Middle Low German grōte ‘great, thick’, hence ‘thick penny’; compare with groschen.