Definition of groaning in English:



  • 1Denoting a deep inarticulate sound conveying pain, despair, pleasure, etc.

    ‘he made groaning sounds and took laboured breaths’
    ‘I flopped back, making a small tortured groaning noise’
    • ‘Holding their hands high, groaning people were rushing to the river.’
    • ‘This is something that no one has ever explained to the groaning taxpayers!’
    • ‘He becomes one with the groaning hordes held in misery below deck on the slave ships.’
    • ‘Their wealth was gained through the exploitation of a groaning peasantry.’
    • ‘Jess was quite smug that she didn't have to make stupid groaning noises with the rest of us.’
    • ‘He returns his attention to the groaning attacker.’
    • ‘I can almost hear many a reverend pastor's groaning response.’
    • ‘Only last night I arrived home to be met by a moaning groaning husband, weaving his way slowly around the house like a wounded grizzly bear.’
    • ‘The groaning fans were then treated to an action replay in the 34th minute.’
    • ‘Andreas stared at the groaning figure of the drunken man on the sidewalk.’
  • 2Denoting a low creaking sound made by an object under pressure.

    ‘the pillar gave a huge groaning noise and crumbled’
    • ‘I pushed the throttle forward simultaneously releasing the groaning brakes.’
    • ‘Out over the flat, white wastes of fen and the wind-bent, groaning poplar trees went the music of the bells.’
    • ‘There's a crash and a scream, and the groaning sound of a warship.’
    • ‘The shrill horns and groaning engines assume almost supernatural qualities.’
    • ‘Realising her mistake the unfortunate washerwoman employed the services of the porter to retrieve her clothes from the groaning machine.’
    • ‘Over the course of 65 miles, only two groaning trucks and an occasional courageous car pass us.’
    • ‘The boy looks over the valley, across the playing field where he and his brother pushed each other on the rusted, groaning merry go round.’
    • ‘With a grinding, groaning sound, the wrecked car upended and slid into the river.’
    • ‘I can't help noticing a small, white bowl positioned beneath the groaning contraption.’
    • ‘Men stood one each corner, leaning on bamboo poles, which supported the workings of the groaning engine.’
    1. 2.1 Heavily laden with things.
      ‘a groaning table of rich food’
      ‘the groaning shelves of novelty Christmas releases’
      • ‘Of all the offerings on the groaning vegetable stalls, sweetcorn will be the first into the pot.’
      • ‘Twelve months on they have acquired a groaning trophy cabinet and a growing American fan base.’
      • ‘The tiny waitress is back, peeping over two groaning plates.’
      • ‘In Premier Bookshop, the groaning shelves have their own tale to tell.’
      • ‘I had to flatten myself against the wall to allow fully-laden groaning shopping trolleys, with well-fed pushers, make their way for the car park.’
      • ‘He might rejoice in his groaning store cupboards, but the labour is out of his hands.’
      • ‘The caterers served scrumptious crab cakes, grilled lamb chops, scallops, sushi and a groaning board of desserts.’
      • ‘We piled in and carried off groaning bags of books as one last memento of a great Glasgow institution.’
      • ‘Served from early morning until 2pm, they consist of groaning sideboards piled with everything from freshly baked breads to cold meats and cheeses.’
      • ‘The ancient pubs are filled to the groaning rafters with imbibing undergraduates.’