Definition of grit one's teeth in English:

grit one's teeth


  • 1Clench one's teeth, especially when angry or faced with something unpleasant.

    ‘grit your teeth and splash yourself with cold water!’
    • ‘He gritted his teeth, clenched his jaw, and tried to shut everything around him out.’
    • ‘My friend, who continued to grit her teeth with every bump, couldn't believe what she was seeing.’
    • ‘All I can say is: grit your teeth, clench your fists, be prepared… for lots of bad stuff.’
    • ‘He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth as he strode through the hall of the large hospital.’
    • ‘Yes, we had to grit our teeth and swallow our pride, but in the end it was a win for everyone.’
    • ‘Just grit your teeth and walk on, that way things are much easier.’
    • ‘But I just grit my teeth and muddle through to the next topic which catches my mind's eye.’
    • ‘It's odd, saying the word ‘rambunctious’ makes her grit her teeth even to this day.’
    • ‘The queue has already reached the back door but we grit our teeth, put on our jackets and join it.’
    • ‘I was too close to do anything about it so we gritted our teeth and waited for the impact.’
    clench, clamp together, press together, shut tightly
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    1. 1.1 Keep one's resolve in a difficult situation.
      ‘Parliament must grit its teeth and take action’
      • ‘Why on earth should she grit her teeth and become a drudge for an industry she didn't respect?’
      • ‘Consequently, he says, there were places where he had to grit his teeth and take editorial decisions.’
      • ‘You just have to grit your teeth and keep going.’
      • ‘These are the times when we know we must change ‘or else,’ so we grit our teeth and do what we must.’
      • ‘So tonight I gritted my teeth, rolled up my sleeves, and washed her.’
      • ‘It was a huge shock to herself and to her loving family, but the brave and determined 57 year old gritted her teeth and got on with life.’
      • ‘Well, since the editor of the magazine had incurred costs, I felt morally obliged to help him out, so I gritted my teeth and revised the article.’
      • ‘Despite the huge losses, Granada have gritted their teeth and stumped up an extra £25m to invest in its programme schedule, on top of £750m already earmarked.’
      • ‘I'm sure nobody believed us, but we stuck with it, gritted our teeth, and refused to contemplate the idea of failure.’
      • ‘And, we decided to grit our teeth and try to cope with the various problems that arise due to group trips.’