Definition of grill pan in English:

grill pan


  • A shallow metal container used for cooking food under a grill.

    ‘line the grill pan with foil’
    • ‘Arrange in a single layer on the rack of a foil-lined grill pan, and grill under a high heat until the pieces develop an appetising brown crust.’
    • ‘Nearly three out of ten fires were suspected of being caused by chip pans, grill pans, or cookers.’
    • ‘Lay each piece of chicken on the grill pan, skin-side down.’
    • ‘It was fine until I wanted to use the grill and realised the grill pan had no handle.’
    • ‘Arrange the halved peppers in a grill pan (or on a heavy baking tray), then stuff each half with a wedge of chicory.’
    • ‘I also like the stove's heavy duty burner grates and grill pan which all feel sturdy and well-made.’
    • ‘The fire crew managed to gain entry to the property, and after tackling the grill pan fire, ventilated the area.’
    • ‘In Greenwich Park, sledgers armed with kitchen trays, grill pans and plastic bags slid down the snow-covered slopes.’
    • ‘Position the grill pan about a hand's length away from the elements and grill the peppers for 6-8 minutes, or until they are frazzled at the edges.’