Definition of grig in English:



  • 1A small eel.

  • 2A grasshopper or cricket.

    • ‘You can listen to songs of grigs and find out more about them at the Web site above.’
    • ‘Humped-winged grigs are found in coniferous forests; C. strepitans also occurs in high altitude sagebrush.’


  • (as) merry (or lively) as a grig

    • dialect Full of fun; very lively.

      • ‘Everyone said Annabelle had been merry as a grig before the man she loved married elsewhere.’
      • ‘They were more than fairly high, merry as grigs, and prepared to go on all night.’
      • ‘I think it was a cricket, but when I heard it, I was merry as a grig!’
      cheerful, happy, cheery, good-humoured, jovial, merry, sunny, bright, joyful, light-hearted, in high spirits, in good spirits, sparkling, bubbly, exuberant, effervescent, ebullient, breezy, airy, lively, vivacious, full of life, sprightly, jaunty
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Middle English (in the sense ‘dwarf’): of unknown origin.