Definition of griefer in English:



  • (in an online game or community) a person who harasses or deliberately provokes other players or members in order to spoil their enjoyment.

    ‘a class of entrepreneurs is emerging who see griefers not just as an annoyance but as a potential source of lost revenue’
    • ‘The peer review system is being gamed by ballot stuffers and griefers, of course, but the staff is there, showing the flag and fighting back.’
    • ‘Have griefers been a problem thus far?’
    • ‘The various games are getting sick of "griefers" who cause trouble for new players - which can obviously damage a game's ability to attract new users.’
    • ‘If made significant, those very punishments become the strongest weapons in the griefer's arsenal.’
    • ‘I previously had been ignoring him on the assumption that he was your typical internet troll or griefer, brave only when hiding behind a psuedonym, and having no purpose other than taking pleasure in bothering people.’
    • ‘It appears that the power imbalance between a griefer and a target is focused on knowledge and experience.’
    • ‘The more wholehearted players you have the harder it is for griefers to get any traction.’
    • ‘They anticipated that an influx of griefers or other problematic behaviors could result from courting more newcomers.’
    • ‘I would add that running into griefers is not a regular occurrence.’
    • ‘Like he's just the world's biggest griefer, successfully trolling millions of nerds.’
    • ‘Alas, a free game that anybody can play may be bound to have more than its share of griefers and fools.’
    • ‘They thought they were protecting the game, because they had this very particular view of how the game should be played, and they were going after what they called "the griefers."’
    • ‘If he is a griefer, take his units away and kick him back to observer status where he can beg to play again.’
    • ‘Our main challenge is to even the playing field, and make sure that the victims of griefers can easily deal out some payback.’
    • ‘Griefers scam, cheat and abuse, often victimising the weakest and newest players.’
    • ‘Similarly, players can place verbally annoying players within their own factions on "ignore" lists, which permanently injunct that griefer from speaking to the player.’
    • ‘Griefers enjoy making mischief in virtual worlds by causing disruption for its own sake.’
    • ‘Online video game bullies or "griefers" often use this term.’